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7 Sacred Stirrings by Prima Fleur

7 Sacred Stirrings Massage Aromatherapy

The mastery of true aromatherapy is achieved in 7 Sacred Stirrings™, a collection of seven complex and exotic pure essential oil blends created for therapeutic treatment.

7 Sacred Stirrings is inspired by our relationship with nature, which we believe should be reciprocal, respectful and cherished. In all we do, we strive to maintain harmony between our way of living and our environment, and we use only the finest plant-based ingredients from ethical farmers who have consciously harvested these raw materials to preserve their highest therapeutic value. Our blends are distinct synergies that provide healing benefits to the body on a physical, psychological and emotional level. When healing occurs within us, we are one step closer to a healthy planet!

  • GROUND – Earthy oils restore vital energy. Grand fir is known to increase endurance and sharpen our survival instincts while vetiver has been shown to minimize fear. Ginger stimulates circulation, restoring energy and vitality in the body.
  • BALANCE – Jasmine and clary sage stabilize emotional extremes. When hormonal disturbances occur, emotional responses can become unpredictable. Clary sage helps alleviate feelings of fear, anger, anxiety and depression. Jasmine is also widely regarded for its therapeutic value in addressing depression. Sandalwood encourages feelings of wellbeing, creating equanimity.
  • PURIFY – Eucalyptus, a known antiseptic, decongestant and immune booster, helps detoxify internal systems. A burst of pink grapefruit revives the senses while stimulating the lymphatic system, our primary defense against infection.
  • SURRENDER – Relaxing and calming aromas inspire a loving heart. Neroli is known to help slow a racing heart rate and inspire feelings of love and attraction. Bergamot, said to uplift the downhearted, also boosts blood circulation and fights physical fatigue. With rose and sweet orange, this sweet, exotic blend incites passion and tenderness, diminishes fear and restores trust.
  • EMPOWER – Encourage expression with rosemary and sage. Known to sharpen the mind and clear the respiratory system, rosemary is commonly used in vaporizers and assists in freeing the fifth energy center, which is associated with our voice and self-expression. Also featuring blood orange and sage, which strengthen the nervous system and heighten the senses.
  • INSPIRE – Motivate the mind and encourage imaginative thought with the bright, clearing aroma of lemon myrtle. The green, energetic scent of petitgrain helps concentration. This uplifting blend focuses the mind and restores energy.
  • ELEVATE – Quiet the mind and calm the nervous system with the powerful oils of frankincense and rose. Frankincense slows respiration, leading to more deliberate and measured breathing, preparing the body and mind for meditation. Rose, a source of elevation, expands our awareness.
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