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Premier Carriers

Premier Carriers

Vegetable Oils

We only use vegetable oils that are nutrient-rich, food-grade oils, extracted naturally by expeller or cold-pressed methods. Use them as beneficial carrier oils for essential oils and herbal extracts to provide valuable vitamins and fatty acids.

Waxes & Butters

We offer exquisite butters and waxes that naturally protect, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Along with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, the emollient properties are tremendously beneficial in natural skin and body care products.

Certain waxes have invaluable uses in personal care. Our discriminating selection of only a few waxes is based on their therapeutic properties, the extraction methods employed, and the aesthetic quality they provide to the product. Some waxes are perfect as they are, such as shea butter and floral waxes. These, as well as the other waxes we offer, are indispensable as raw materials in skin care. For the creation of exquisite salves, lip balms, ointments, and luxurious massage products, we highly recommend incorporating these precious ingredients. Ask one of our knowledgeable representatives for recommendations.

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