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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We offer over 250 therapeutic-quality essential oils for aromatherapy blending, and for use in personal care products. See our exquisite collection of the most precious absolutes for creating perfumes and scenting our luxurious body care products. Try our potent naturally-derived carbon dioxide extracts easily mixed with steam distilled essential oils in blends, or for use in personal care products.

Our Top 30 Essential Oils used in Spa Treatments and Aromatherapy are indicated by the tulip icon. These essential oils have been carefully selected by aromatherapists and botanical experts for their therapeutic benefits and blending capabilities. For a description of benefits, simply click on the Product Name.

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View Top 30 Essential Oils

Item Product Growing Practice Botanical Name Extraction Method Part of Plant Country of Origin
522 ARNICA-SUNFLOWER, TOTAL regular Arnica montana CO2 flower Spain
351 ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACT organic Withania somnifera CO2 leaves/stem India
353 BAKUL EXTRACT regular Mapusa elengi CO2 flower India
324 BASIL, LINALOOL regular Ocimum basilicum SD herb India
308 BASIL, TROPICAL organic Ocimum basilicum SD herb Madagascar
277 BAY wild Pimenta racemosa SD leaf West Indies
179 BAY LAUREL regular Lauris nobilis SD leaf Spain
213 BENZOIN, DILUTION wild Styrax benzoin SE resin Sumatra/Indo.
198 BERGAMOT organic Citrus bergamia SD peel Italy
319 BERGAMOT, BERGAPTENE FREE regular Citrus bergamia CP peel Italy
105 BIRCH regular Betula lenta SD bark USA
368 BISABOLOL regular Bisabolol SD wood Brazil
286 BLOOD ORANGE regular Citrus sinensis CP peel Israel
299 BLUE CYPRESS regular Callitris intratropica SD wood Australia
519 BORAGE, TOTAL organic Borago officinalis CO2 seed China
350 CAJEPUT regular Melaleuca leucadendron cajeputi SD leaves China
502 CALENDULA organic Calendula officinalis CO2 flower Egypt
516 CARDAMOM organic Elettaria cardamomum CO2 fruit Guatamala
503 CARROT - JOJOBA regular Daucus carota CO2 root Germany
101 CARROT SEED organic Daucus carota SD seed India
223 CEDAR wild Cedrus atlantica SD wood Morocco
192 CEDAR, VIRGINIANA wild Juniperus virginiana SD wood USA
504 CHAMOMILE organic Matricaria recutita CO2 flower Spain
199 CHAMOMILE, GERMAN organic Matricaria recutita SD flower France
121 CHAMOMILE, GERMAN, SELECT regular Matricaria recutita CO2 flower Spain
197 CHAMOMILE, ROMAN regular Anthemis nobilis SD flower Italy
520 CHAMPACA organic Michelia champaca CO2 flower India
525 CHIA regular Salvia hispanica seed extract CO2 seed Mexico
523 CHILI (CAPSICUM-SUNFLOWER) regular Capsicum frutescens CO2 fruit` India
115 CINNAMON organic Cinnamomum zeylanicum SD bark Madagascar
287 CINNAMON regular Cinnamomum zeylanicum CO2 bark Sri Lanka
233 CINNAMON, LEAF organic Cinnamomum zeylanicum SD leaf Madagascar
267 CISTUS, TRUE organic Cistus ladaniferus SD br/leaf/flower Spain
169 CLARY SAGE organic Salvia sclarea SD flr/leaf France
265 CLARY SAGE organic Salvia sclarea SD flower/leaf Bulgaria
298 CLEMENTINE regular Citrus clementine CP peel Italy
116 CLOVE BUD organic Dicypellium caryophyllatum SD bud Madagascar
342 COFFEE organic Coffea arabica CO2 bean India
301 COMBAVA, PETITGRAIN organic Citrus hystrix var. combava SD leaf/twig Madagascar
119 CORIANDER organic Coriandrum sativum SD seed France
509 CORIANDER regular Coriandrum sativum CO2 fruit Bulgaria
202 CYPRESS organic Cupressus sempervirens SD br/leaf France
221 CYPRESS regular Cupressus sempervirens SD br/leaf Spain
521 DAVANA organic Artemisia persica CO2 whole plant India
201 ELEMI, SELECT wild Canarium luzonicum CO2 resin Philippines
216 EUCALYPTUS RADIATA organic Eucalyptus radiata SD leaf Austrailia
193 EUCALYPTUS, GLOBULUS organic Eucalyptus globulus SD leaf France
205 EUCALYPTUS, GLOBULUS regular Eucalyptus globulus SD leaf Australia
225 FENNEL, SWEET regular Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce SD seed Croatia
229 FIR, BALSAM wild Abies balsamea SD leaf/branch Canada
275 FIR, BALSAM wild Abies balsamea SD needle Canada
128 FIR, DOUGLAS organic Pseudotsuga menziesii SD needle France
129 FIR, GRAND organic Abies grandis SD needle France
153 FIR, SILVER organic Abies alba SD needle France
131 FRANKINCENSE wild Boswellia carterii CO2 resin Oman
200 GALBANUM wild Ferula galbanifera CO2 resin Iran
126 GERANIUM regular Pelargonium graveolens SD leaf/flower Egypt
132 GERANIUM DE MADAGASCAR (Rose Geranium) organic Pelargonium graveolens SD leaf/flower Madagascar
133 GINGER organic Zingiber officinale SD root (fresh) Madagascar
134 GRAPEFRUIT, PINK regular Citrus grandis CP peel USA
293 HAZELNUT IN ALCOHOL regular Corylus avellana CO2 nut Turkey
110 HELICHRYSUM organic Helichrysum italicum SD flower France
135 HYSSOP organic Hyssopus officinalis SD flower France
380 JASMINE regular Jasminium grandifolium CO2 flower India
137 JUNIPER organic Juniperus communis SD berry France
220 JUNIPER regular Juniperus communis SD berry Croatia
374 JUNIPER organic Juniperus communis CO2 berry India
252 KATRAFAY wild Cedrelopsis grevei SD bark Madagascar
300 LANTANA CAMARA organic Lantana camara SD leaf Madagascar
139 LAVANDIN organic Lavandula grosso SD flower France
339 LAVANDIN regular Lavandula hybrida SD flower/leaf U.S.
140 LAVENDER organic Lavandula angustifolia, vera SD flower France
141 LAVENDER regular Lavandula angustifolia, mailette SD flower France
246 LAVENDER wild Lavandula angustifolia SD flower Croatia
262 LAVENDER organic Lavandula angustifolia SD flower Bulgaria
385 LAVENDER organic Lavandula angustifolia SD flower Bulgaria
144 LEMON organic Citrus limon CP peel France
195 LEMON regular Citrus limon CP peel USA
370 LEMON MYRTLE organic Backhousia citriodora SD herb Australia
145 LEMONGRASS regular Cymbopogon flexuosus SD herb E. India
354 LIME regular Citrus aurantifolia (Christman) Swingle CP peel Mexico
359 LIME organic Citrus aurantifolia CP peel USA
297 LITSEA CUBEBA regular Litsea cubeba SD fruit China
312 MACE regular Myristica fragrans CO2 seed/arillode Indonesia
266 MANDARIN, RED regular Citrus reticulata CP peel Italy
376 MANDRAVASAROTRA wild Cinnamosma fragans SD leaf Madagascar
305 MARJORAM organic Origanum majorana SD eaf france
337 MARJORAM regular Origanum majorana CO2 leaf Germany
270 MARJORAM, SPANISH regular Thymus mastichina SD leaf Spain
147 MARJORAM, SWEET regular Origanum majorana SD leaf Egypt
251 MASSOIA, SELECT wild Cryptocaria massoia CO2 bark Indonesia
148 MELISSA organic Melissa officinalis SD leaf France
322 MELISSA, TOTAL regular Melissa officinalis CO2 leaf Germany
196 MYRRH wild Commiphora abyssinica CO2 resin Ethiopia
335 MYRTLE, GREEN organic Myrtus communis SD leaf Corsica
272 MYRTLE, RED regular Myrtus communis SD flr/leaf Corsica
361 NEEM organic Azadirachta indica CO2 leaf India
194 NEROLI regular Citrus aurantium var. amara SD flower Egypt
187 NIAOULI organic Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora SD leaf Madagascar
227 NUTMEG regular Myristica fragrans SD seed Indonesia
190 ORANGE regular Citrus sinensis CP peel USA
243 ORANGE organic Citrus sinensis CP peel USA
327 OREGANO organic Oregano compactum SD br/leaf France
244 ORRIS wild Iris pallida CO2 root Albania
321 OWYHEE wild Artemesia ludoviciana SD leaf USA
208 PALMAROSA wild Cymbopogon martini var. motia SD herb Nepal
173 PATCHOULI regular Pogostemon patchouli SD leaf Sumatra
156 PEPPER, BLACK organic Piper nigrum SD fruit Madagascar
257 PEPPERMINT regular Mentha piperita SD herb USA
231 PEPPERMINT, CRYSTAL WHITE, REDISTILLED regular Mentha piperita SD leaf USA
310 PEPPERMINT, WILLAMETTE organic Mentha piperita SD leaf USA
151 PETITGRAIN, BIGARADE regular Citrus aurantium var. amara SD leaf Italy
242 PETITGRAIN, WILD FOREST organic Citrus aurantifolia SD leaf Madagascar
161 PINE organic Pinus sylvestris SD needle France
236 PINE organic Pinus pinaster SD needle France
240 PINE wild Pinus pinaster SD leaf/twig Madagascar
362 PLAI regular Zingiber cassumunar SD rhizomes Thailand
524 POMEGRANATE organic Punica granatum (pomegranate) extract CO2 seed France
163 RAVENSARA organic Cinnamomum camphora SD leaf Madagascar
162 RAVENSARA ANISATA organic Ravensara anisata SD bark Madagascar
529 RHATANY regular Krameria lappacea root extract CO2 seed Germany
282 ROSE organic Rosa damascena SD flower Bulgaria
515 ROSEHIP, TOTAL organic Rosa canina CO2 fruit Germany
203 ROSEMARY ( 1,8 cineol ) wild Rosmarinus officinalis SD herb Morocco
345 ROSEMARY VERBENON regular Rosmarinus officinalis, verb. SD herb USA
114 ROSEMARY VERBENONE organic Rosmarinus officinalis, verb. SD flr/herb France
508 ROSEMARY VERBENONE, TOTAL organic Rosmarinus officinalis, verb. CO2 herb Spain
268 ROSEMARY, CAMPHOR organic Rosmarinus officinalis SD herb Spain
167 SAGE organic Salvia officinalis SD herb France
168 SAGE regular Salvia officinalis SD herb Croatia
171 SANDALWOOD regular Santalum album SD wood Java
388 SANDALWOOD, AUSTRALIAN regular Santalum spicatum SD wood Australia
379 SARSAPARILLA, INDIAN organic Hemidesmus indicus CO2 root Indian
528 SAWPALMETTO regular Sabal serulata fruit extract CO2 seed Germany
527 SCHISANDRA regular Schisandra sphenanthera fruit extract CO2 seed Germany
506 SEABUCKTHORN, TOTAL regular Hippophae rhamnoides CO2 berry Lithuania
261 SPEARMINT regular Mentha spicata SD herb USA
174 SPIKENARD wild Nardostachys jatamansi SD root India
176 SPRUCE organic Picea sitka SD needle France
175 SPRUCE, BLACK wild Picea mariana SD needle Canada
177 ST. JOHN'S WORT organic Hypericum perforatum SD herb France
186 TAGETES organic Bipinata SD flower Madagascar
112 TANACETUM ANNUUM wild Tanacetum annuum SD flower Morocco
204 TANGERINE regular Citrus reticulata CP peel USA
130 TEA TREE organic Melaleuca alternifolia SD leaf Australia
232 THYME, BORNEOL regular Thymus satureioides SD herb Morocco
181 THYME, LINALOL organic Thymus vulgaris SD herb France
158 TUBEROSE regular Polyanthes tuberosa SE flower India
352 TURMERIC organic Curcuma longa CO2 rhizomes India
526 USNEA LICHEN regular Usnea barbata extract CO2 seed Germany
311 VALERIAN regular Valeriana wallachi SD root India
507 VANILLA, TOTAL (Food Grade) organic Vanilla planifolia CO2 bean Madagasccar
296 VERVEINE regular Lippia citriodora SD flr/leaf Morocco
218 VETIVERT regular Vetiveria zizaniodes SD root Java
182 WINTERGREEN wild Gaultheria procumbens SD herb USA
184 YARROW organic Achillea millefolium SD flower France
104 YLANG YLANG #1 wild Cananga odorata, genuina SD flower Comores
138 YLANG YLANG #3 organic Cananga odorata, genuina SD flower Madagascar
386 YLANG YLANG COMPLETE regular Cananga odorata SD flower Indonesia
219 YLANG YLANG EXTRA wild Cananga odorata, genuina SD flower Comores
234 YLANG YLANG, COMPLETE organic Cananga odorata, genuina SD flower Madagascar
238 YUZU regular Citrus junos CP peel Japan
ABSOLUTES (recommended for perfumery)
Item Product Growing Practice Botanical Name Extraction Method Part of Plant Country of Origin
290 BEESWAX, ABSOLUTE wild Apis mellifera wax France
328 BORONIA, ABSOLUTE regular Boronia megastigma flower Tasmania
358 CHAMPACA, ABSOLUTE regular Michelia champaca SE flower India
357 FRANGIPANI, ABSOLUTE regular Plumeria alba SE flower India
333 HONEY, ABSOLUTE regular Apis meliferra SE France
188 JASMINE, ABSOLUTE regular Jasminum grandiflorum SE flower Egypt
245 JASMINE, SAMBAC, ABSOLUTE regular Jasminum sambac SE flower India
247 LINDEN BLOSSOM, ABSOLUTE regular Tilia cordata SE flower France
291 MIMOSA, ABSOLUTE regular Acacia decurrens SE flower France
264 NEROLI, ABSOLUTE regular Citrus aurantium var. amara SE flr/leaf Italy
214 OAKMOSS, ABSOLUTE regular Evernia prunastri SE whole plant Morocco
336 POPLAR BALSAM, ABSOLUTE wild Populus balsamifera SE resin Canada
294 ROSE, ABSOLUTE regular Rosa damascena SE flower Bulgaria
356 ROSE, BOURBON, ABSOLUTE regular Rosa borboniana SE flower India
149 VANILLA, ABSOLUTE (Food Grade) organic Vanilla planifolia AE bean Madagascar
278 VIOLET LEAF, ABSOLUTE regular Viola odorata SE leaf Egypt
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