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About Essential Oils / Aromatherapy

About Essential Oils / Aromatherapy

We offer over 250 therapeutic-quality essential oils for aromatherapy blending and for use in personal care products. We also offer an exclusive collection of complex and unique essential oil blends. These extraordinary oils and synergies have been developed for use in massage oils, in aromatherapy diffusers, and can be incorporated into our pure unscented body, skin and hair care products. Many of the essential oils, blends, and absolutes we offer are certified organic by ECOCERT®.

We also offer a collection of the most precious absolutes for creating perfumes and scenting our luxurious body care products. And our potent naturally-derived carbon dioxide extracts easily mixed with steam distilled essential oils in blends or for use in personal care products.

Guided by our commitment to environmental and economic sustainability, many of our suppliers are small, family-owned farms who produce some of the world’s most exquisite botanicals and essential oils.

  • One of our first business associations was with a distiller from Madagascar. Our guaranteed sales of essential oils and extracts gave their company and the farmers who supplied them the necessary security and financial support to help maintain their agrarian lifestyle.
  • For almost 20 years, an annual guaranteed purchase of shea butter from a particular coop in Uganda has contributed to the majority of support of an entire village.
  • A supplier in Morocco gathers wild rosemary, tanacetum annuum, and other herbs for distillation giving local economies a boost while guaranteeing the survival of the wild plants.

For our loyal support of smaller companies, family-owned farms and people whose lives are tied closely with the land, we are rewarded with precious raw materials produced with integrity and the knowledge of generations.

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