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About Prima Fleur

About Prima Fleur

Prima Fleur Botanicals was founded nearly two decades ago, dedicated to the reinforcement of man's miraculous relationship with nature. In all we do, we strive to keep a balance between our way of living and our environment. It is in this balance that we find health, joy, and serenity.

Our goal is to provide custom personal care product design.  We manufacture in the most innovative and effective way using the most luxurious ingredients available.

Product development begins with the treasured relationships we have with our suppliers. Many of these companies are generations old and have been with us since our inception.

Throughout the product development process, we are guided by our customer's desires, our years of experience and an intimate relationship with nature. We search the planet to procure the purest and most potent botanicals in order to create personal care products that make a difference to you and the world. Whether creating a product or a product line, our careful selection of raw materials is based on the use of expeller-expressed vegetable oils, organic herbs, waxes, and butters obtained without petrochemical solvents. Many of our formulations feature potent distilled aromatic waters called hydrosols.

An extensive knowledge of the most recent research and technological advancements in the cosmetic industry enables us to provide a full menu of the most sought-after ingredients.

Of the hundreds of extraordinary materials we procure, essential oils are the most valued. The elements of scent are fundamental to every aspect of people's lives; psychological, physiological, and spiritual.

Formulating with essential oils allows us to capture the very means by which nature communicates her sincerest sentiments. Flora and fauna exist in an interlocking relationship reinforced through millions of years of evolution. Our bodies take in the soft, calming breath of lavender and the fortifying guardian rosemary with ease and pleasure.

We, at Prima Fleur, are committed to the belief that mankind must not lose the precious little that is left of the wild and natural. We strive to bring conscious awareness to the force nature has in our lives. We hope that, through our products, we stimulate and reinforce the human relationship with nature, if only by way of a primordial stirring caused by a drifting, illusive scent.

Our reputation for innovation and perfection speaks to the uncompromised quality we demand of ourselves and our suppliers and which we provide to you.

We are inspired by the latin phrase, Esse Quam Videri, which means, “to be, rather than to seem.” We invite you to join us.

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